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November 8, 2022

Best Beaches In Tenerife South

If you want to visit the best beaches in Tenerife during your holiday spent at Crystal, these are our favourite places to enjoy a beach day.

Best Beaches In Tenerife South

The Canary Islands have long been a top winter sun destination, made even more popular by the 64 blue flag beaches dotted along their volcanic coastlines. Tenerife is lucky to claim 16 of these celebrated beaches, some of which are just a stone’s throw from the all-new luxury resort, Crystal.

When to visit the best beaches in Tenerife?

The Canary Islands are known as the “Fortunate Islands” and Tenerife is certainly fortunate to enjoy an eternal springtime, all year round. Temperatures stay moderate throughout the year rising in the summer but never dipping below 15ºC in the winter. The island is also home to many microclimates so if it is cooler in one area, chances are that in another it will be the ideal conditions for a good old fashioned beach day.

While you can hit the beach all year round, the best time to visit for wall to wall sunshine is in the summer months. However, the high season officially starts in September and carries on until March. The beaches soak up the winter sun and the Atlantic Ocean offers a refreshing way to cool off from the heat of the day.

Discover the best beaches in Tenerife South

Crystal is a luxury resort complex located in a sought after residential neighbourhood of Los Gigantes. The apartments are suspended between the Atlantic Ocean and the famous Los Gigantes cliffs making them an ideal base for exploring the best beaches in Tenerife.

The south of the island is an ideal place for families to enjoy shallow waters and golden sand beaches. Most beaches are easily accessible and a quick drive away from Crystal. Soak up the sun from the comfort of a sun lounger or cool off in the cristal clear waters as you float away on a sun cream scented daydream. Not sure which beach to visit? Here are our top picks:

Los Gigantes Beach

Located right next to the Marina, Los Gigantes beach is the only sandy shoreline in the town itself. This black sand volcanic beach is also known as Los Guios beach. It is only 180 metres long yet it is rarely crowded. The natural beauty of this beach is second to none and it is the only beach in the area to offer a view of the majestic Los Gigantes cliffs.

The facilities are basic here but there is a bathroom and sun loungers can be hired for a fee. Parking can get a little tricky as spaces are limited at the Marina but luckily there is always a steady flow of people coming and going. The warm black sand, gentle waves and fantastic views makes Los Gigantes beach an ideal place for families.

Playa Los Gigantes For Exploring Outside Of Crystal Aparthotel
Playa de la Arena For Exploring Outside Of Crystal Aparthotel

Playa de la Arena

Playa de la Arena is located in a privileged spot on the island which offers a sheltered place to soak up the warm Canarian sunshine. The beach’s blue flag status makes this one of the best beaches in Tenerife and an ideal place to spend some quality time as a family.

Here you will find bathrooms, showers, food kiosks as well as public transport pick up points. The amazing facilities and the idyllic natural setting makes this a firm favourite amongst tourists and locals alike. The sea tends to be fairly gentle at Playa de la Arena but if the wind picks up it is not uncommon for the sea to turn choppy – perfect for surfers.

Playa Chica

If you are looking to visit one of the best beaches in Tenerife but don’t want it to be overrun by crowds of people then Playa Chica in Puerto Santiago is the place to be. The sheltered conditions make this a warm place to soak up the sun whatever time of the day you choose to visit.

Waves here are gentle and ideal for families with small children. Older children and adults will love the metal ladder built into the cliffs which can be used for diving into the refreshing Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the more natural beaches on the island and therefore doesn’t have all the comforts of a blue flag beach. However, if you are after an authentic experience, this beach will not disappoint.

Playa Chica For Exploring Outside Of Crystal Hotel
Playa Alcalá For Exploring Outside Of Crystal Hotel

Playa Alcalá

Playa Alcalá is small but perfectly formed. This stretch of sand only measures a meagre 30 metres but what it lacks in size it makes up for in relaxing experiences.

The exceptional natural beauty and top notch beach facilities have earnt Playa Alcalá the reputation for being one of the best beaches in Tenerife. It is also a popular snorkelling destination and depending on the time of the year, it is a common haunt for sea turtles. We advise you to get to the beach early as it quickly fills up.

Playa San Juan

Playa San Juan has been delighting locals for the last 50 years. Once a sleepy fishing village, this corner of Tenerife has now become a popular haunt for tourists in search of a more authentic side to Tenerife. 

Located just 15 minutes away from Crystal, Playa San Juan is an ideal place to while away a sunny afternoon. The long stretch of volcanic sand offers a relaxing place to soak up the sun while the beach promenade is home to a buzzing array of bars and restaurants.

Playa San Juan For Exploring Outside Of Crystal Hotel
Playa Abama For Exploring Outside Of Crystal Hotel

Playa Abama

Hidden between the cliffs of Guía de Isora is the secluded paradise of Playa Abama. This patch of sand attracts a glamorous crowd of sunworshipers since the beach was originally built by the Ritz hotel.

It definitely offers a 5 star bathing experience and its crystalline waters are an ideal place to cool off from the heat of the Canarian sun. The beach offers luxurious facilities including premium sun loungers and a 5* restaurant.

Are you ready to experience the Crystal lifestyle in Los Gigantes?

If you’re craving a more luxurious lifestyle, these stylish cliffside apartments with an ocean view spare no detail. Let us welcome you to a stay at Crystal you will never forget.

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