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November 8, 2022

The Best Restaurants in Los Gigantes and Beyond

Discover the best dining spots to enjoy during your stay at Crystal with our list of the best restaurants in Los Gigantes and beyond.

The Best Restaurants in Los Gigantes and Beyond

There is no better way to get to know a new culture than to try its cuisine. Luckily, Crystal is located just a stone’s throw from some of the best restaurants in Los Gigantes. Whether you are hungry for new menus cooked up by some of the island’s top chefs or you are keen to try typical Canarian cuisine, Los Gigantes has it all.

When to visit the best restaurants in Los Gigantes?

It is worth noting that Spanish dining varies drastically from British customs. For a start, everything starts much later. While diners in the UK can expect to head out to dinner around 6pm, in Spain the typical dinner time begins from 8pm onwards. Locals dine between 9pm-10pm and most kitchens close around 11pm.

Most holidaymakers will stick to tradition and focus on dinnertime as the main meal of the day whereas locals make lunchtime their main time to dine. If you want to live like a local, enjoy a good “sobremesa” which is a leisurely time spent at the table after eating, normally spent enjoying a coffee or an aperitivo to help digestion.

If you are stuck for ideas on where to dine, here is our pick of the best restaurants in Los Gigantes and beyond.

Agua y Sal

Agua y Sal is located in the seaside town of Playa San Juan, just 15 minutes down the road from Los Gigantes. The carefully curated nautical decor tempts diners inside and the magnificent counter displaying the fresh catch of the day is set to wow diners.

Here you can expect to dine on everything from the sea including grilled octopus, mussels and lobster spaghetti. The delicious creamy seafood rice is also a must. Be sure to ask for a chilled white wine, it is an ideal accompaniment for the Agua y Sal cuisine.

Agua y Sal Restaurant Reservations
Muelle Viejo Restaurant Reservations From Crystal

Muelle Viejo

Muelle Viejo is definitely a restaurant to have on your radar if you are looking for a truly authentic, top notch dining experience. They spare no expense in creating delectable dishes created using premium quality ingredients from local producers.

Their innovative way to put a modern touch on traditional Canarian seafood dishes has caught the eye of the island’s foodies and it has become a very popular place to enjoy a delicious meal in the Alcalá area.


Pancho is a firm favourite amongst locals and has become one of the best restaurants in the Los Gigantes area. This establishment opened its doors in 1963 and has been delighting diners with its traditional Spanish cuisine.

Seafood is a popular choice but this family-friendly dining spot offers a complete menu suitable for all tastebuds. While this is a great place to dine as a group, come sundown, the terrace is a romantic spot where you can enjoy dinner under the stars.

Pancho Tenerife Restaurant Reservations From Crystal
La Pérgola Restaurant In Los Gigantes

La Pérgola

If you are looking for traditional Spanish food, made with love and served with spectacular views overlooking the islands of La Gomera and La Palma La Pérgola is the place.

Their carefully put together menu combines fish dishes, meat and rice dishes to ensure there is something that everyone will enjoy. The owners pride themselves on their locally produced, fresh ingredients grown in their allotment.


When on holiday, there is nothing quite like a good Italian meal, wherever you are in the world. When staying at Crystal in Los Gigantes, count on Sauco to bring you a taste of La Dolce Vita. This family-friendly dining spot delights guests with its awe-inspiring views of the ultramarine Atlantic Ocean.

The menu is accessible for all diners with fresh fish, seafood, pizzas, pastas and meat dishes. Vegetarians also have a range of special dishes to enjoy, cooked with love. This is a popular hangout and one of the best restaurants in Los Gigantes’s neighbouring town Alcalá.

Pancho Tenerife Restaurant Reservations From Crystal

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