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November 9, 2022

Discover Los Gigantes

Step off the beaten track & uncover the best and most authentic experiences to do in Los Gigantes while enjoying a luxury stay at Crystal.

Discover Los Gigantes

Rows of white Canarian style buildings cling onto the cliffs of Los Gigantes’ hairpin roads which cut through the impressive coastal scenery. A world of relaxation, beauty and charm awaits and Crystal is the ideal base from which to explore Los Gigantes and the surrounding areas.

The best of Los Gigantes, your guide to this spectacular corner of Tenerife

Los Gigantes (the giants) has long been labelled a tourist hotspot and the majestic cliffs which gave the town its name have put this south-westerly corner of Tenerife under the spotlight. But, step past the holiday makers keen to snap a shot of the impressive 600-metre tall rockface and you will uncover a quieter town that is rich in authentic experiences.

The beauty of Los Gigantes is that it is a year-round destination. With each changing season there is something equally as exciting to explore. For those eager to venture off-the-beaten track and indulge in insider experiences, here are our top five things that are worthy of a place on your Tenerife bucket list.

1. Playa de los Guios

If you are looking for a bathing spot that is not overrun by tourists battling for a space on the sand, Playa de los Guios offers a secluded sanctuary on a hot sunny day. This beach may be small, but its wild, natural beauty works quickly to seduce you into spending an afternoon soaking up the rays on its ebony black shoreline.

The gin-clear waters offer a refreshing respite from the heat of the Canarian sun and the lack of amenities means that only locals and authentic beach lovers make the trip to this hidden cove.

Playa de los Guios in Los Gigantes
Dine with a view of Los Gigantes Marina

2. Dine with a view of Los Gigantes Marina

While Los Gigantes is many miles from the glitz and glam of the French Riviera, the town’s marina and the string of restaurants that overlook it instantly provide that same holiday feeling. If you fancy dinner with a view of the ocean, this is an idyllic setting.

While away an afternoon watching the yachts bob up and down on the gentle ebb and flow of the Atlantic. Head to one of the seafood restaurants there and watch the world go by until the sun starts to set across the harbour.

3. Take a stroll around the old town

Los Gigantes was once a sleepy fishing village that has evolved with the tourism boom on the island. Start your day sipping a freshly brewed coffee in one of the town’s cute cafés before taking a leisurely stroll through the winding streets towards the church.

Set in a traditional town square, the church is one of the distinctive landmarks of the town with its modern stained glass windows. Circle back towards the harbour, stopping off at one of the independent boutiques along the way.

Old Town of Los Gigantes
Dolphins and Whales in Los Gigantes

4. Meet the local marine residents

The ocean surrounding Los Gigantes is a privileged spot for watching marine mammals in the wild. Colonies of dolphins and whales make these waters their home all year-round and can be seen close to the shore.

It is possible to find up to 21 different species around the Los Gigantes coastline ranging from friendly bottle-nosed dolphins to ferocious killer whales. This is an opportunity not to be missed since there are very few places in the world where it is possible to view so many species in their natural habitat at such close proximity.

5. View the Los Gigantes cliffs

While we personally think the best view of these cliffs is from your private terrace at Crystal, there is a famous lookout point that is worth a visit. The Mirador Archipenque may be a tourist trap but the views truly are breathtaking. Since you can enjoy the best views of Los Gigantes from the comfort of your hilltop hideaway, we suggest heading to this look out at sunset while on your way to one of our recommended restaurants. Seeing these rock formations up close is a terrific reminder of the island’s volcanic history.
Luxury Apartment With Pool and Views of Los Gigantes

Are you ready to experience the Crystal lifestyle in Los Gigantes?

If you’re craving a more luxurious lifestyle, these stylish cliffside apartments with an ocean view spare no detail. Let us welcome you to a stay at Crystal you will never forget.

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